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Doublestar appears at Hanover tire technology exhibition

Doublestar appears at Hanover tire technology exhibition

2019-03-08 15:12
On March 5, tire technology expo in Hanover, Germany, sponsored by UK UKIP, opened. Doublestar intelligent equipment with "New Star" products - electric heating curing press, "Star" tire products - frequency conversion curing press,uni-stage TBR building machine and comprehensive plan of tire industry waste gas treatment, appeared at the exhibition, showing the strength of China intelligent manufacturing to the world and make many visitors stop at the booth to talk.
New Product Promotion in the Exhibition
Hannover International Tire Technology Exhibition was praised by exhibitors and customers as “a grand event leading the development of the world tire design and manufacturing industry”. Doublestar intelligent equipment seized the opportunity of this exhibition and introduced the new product – electric heating curing press, became a dazzling "new star" at the exhibition, many customers came to negotiate and consult. This product is independently developed by Doublestar Intelligent Equipment to meet customers' needs. Compared with the traditional tire curing press, this product subverts the traditional steam curing process, which not only solves the temperature difference problem inside the bladder of traditional tire curing press, but also reduces the manufacturing cost. At present, the tires cured by this product have passed many tests such as dynamic balance, uniformity, X-ray, durability, etc., And the data are superior to those tires cured by traditional technology.
"Star" products appear together
Frequency conversion curing press and uni-stage TBR tire building machine are "star" products of Doublestar intelligent equipment. During the exhibition, the two "star" products both appeared, "star" light, shining on the exhibition site. Among them, the frequency conversion curing press is developed with national invention patents. It uses hydraulic system instead of circulating power water system to save water resources, run more stably, maintain more conveniently, change tire more quickly, increase the qualified rate by 4%, increase the productivity by 12%, save steam by 20%, and triple the manual efficiency. The TBR uni-stage building machine is independently developed by integrating international resources such as Siemens, using five industry-first technology, with the characteristics of safety, reliability, intelligence and efficiency, 150 tires per shift.
Tire industry waste gas treatment comprehensive plan attracts attention
Doublestar Intelligent Equipment also introduced the tire industry waste gas treatment comprehensive plan on this fair. This plan is a model solution of low investment and low operation cost for tire industry, which is based on solving the user's pain. The green dust removal equipment and VOCs waste gas treatment equipment developed by Doublestar are adopted. At present, this plan has been successfully applied in Doublestar "Industrial 4.0" Intelligent Plant. and the environmental protection level of this factory has reached the international advanced level.
During the expo, customers from Europe,America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa gave high praise to the products of Doublestar Intelligent Equipment, and initially reached the intention of cooperation. They would like to visit Doublestar in the future to achieve further cooperation.




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